Materials for Courses and Self-Study contains Genre-based Units, Language Units, and Grammar and Mechanics Lessons addressing the greatest weaknesses we found in student writing. They are usable in courses or for independent study.

Writing Myths contains slides from a presentation about the most common myths students believe about writing in civil engineering - and why they are wrong.

Proofreading provides tips for proofing your work.


Please help with piloting and improving the materials! We welcome your use of the materials provided that you (1) let us know that you are using them and (2) share feedback that includes suggestions for revisions and comments about what was effective.

E-mail contact: Susan Conrad, See complete permissions statement at the bottom of this page.

ANSWER KEYS are available for the language units and grammar and mechanics lessons. Ask Susan Conrad for them when you e-mail to say you are using the materials.

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Instructors are welcome to copy, display, and distribute these materials as they appear here and to use them with students provided that they (a) notify PSU that they are doing so and (b) share suggestions for revisions.  Individuals are welcome to use the materials for self-study and send any comments to PSU. Other uses of the materials, including making derivatives, are prohibited without permission from PSU. These permissions are valid under a pilot program that expires December 31, 2015. For later permissions or questions contact Susan Conrad. All rights not granted here are reserved.